The objectives of the Bridgeport Rifle Club are to improve and encourage the furtherance of the knowledge and skills of its members and the public in matters relating to the proper care and handling of firearms through educational and training programs; the management of target shooting ranges and competitions; and, to develop amongst its members and the public, the qualities of leadership, loyalty, cooperation and good sportsmanship.


Brief History of the Club

Robert J. Thompson lived in the Armstrong block on William Street. During the year 1907 he fixed up a range in his basement and invited a few friends over to try it out. The evening shoot was so satisfactory that the group arranged for more such evenings and many good times were had on this home made range for the next 12+ years.

It was March 21, 1917 when the present Bridgeport Rifle Club was organized at the University Club. They acted as the Home Guard Unit during the war and were equipped with uniforms, rifles and machine guns. After the war they continued to promote the shooting sports.

In June 1920 the Club acquired property on Sport Hill Road in Easton. They had a outdoor range for both rifle and revolver from 25 to 1000 yards. The property was sold in 1972.

In 1971 BRC bought the property on 9 Old South Ave. in Stratford. In 1972 a beautiful 12 port 50 ft range was built. It accommodates smallbore rifle, 33 ft air rifle, and handguns with turning targets. A club room, kitchen and scoring area accent the facility.

Complete History of the Club

For a complete history of the club from 1917 to 2007 please click here.